Cedar Shoals, Inc. 
Home of the Wild Raised Clam TM EST. 1998
What exactly is a Wild Raised Clam TM ? Our clams are the traditional hard shell "New England" type of clams - known scientifically as "Mercenaria Mercenaria," though commonly referred to as "Littleneck clams." They are are raised miles off shore in the completely natural, wild environment - hence our trademarked term "Wild Raised Clams." This type of aquatic farming has zero negative consequences for the environment and it is 100% sustainable. Our clams conform to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Guidelines and have their "Best Choice" rating. So, how are clams raised ? ﷯Clams start life being spawned in a hatchery and grow as "clam seed" in a nursery. When the clams are 4 mm in size (the size of a small pea) they are put into nursery bags and begin life in the "wild." The bags of clams are placed offshore in the natural environment where they thrive and grow. When they triple in size, the clams are put into "grow-out" bags and are replanted offshore where they grow up to harvest-sized clams. During that grow-out period, they spend their time feeding on naturally occurring micro algae in the water column - getting plumper and sweeter each day. Why buy a Wild Raised Clam TM? ﷯
When you purchase our Wild Raised Clams TM, you are acquiring the highest quality seafood product available. In most cases, our clams reach you within 24 hours of harvest. Cedar Key is not only the ideal location for growing clams, but it is also the largest producer of aquaculture clams in the eastern U.S. Our pristine waters are Mother Nature's perfect environment for growing the perfect clam.